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Prep and prayer

Thinking and praying about the best way to start up a new church library at Polson Alliance Church.
We were given *bookstore shelving* (PTL) by another church.

We have boxes of already donated books and DVDs and videos.

We have the space in our fello

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Cowden-Smith Library

Sunday, May 18, 2014.  Sarasota. Florida.  A dedication of the new library was held and attended by approximately 50 people.  The Reverend Dr. Glen Bell opened the ceremony with a few comments of brief history from Annabelle Cowden to Natalie Smith (

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"Where Do Belly Buttons Come From?" is a new book published by CrossBooks that is sure to please.  Written by a seasoned pastor with a heart for reaching children and families, the book has received exceptional reviews by all.  See the review page at

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Copied from Illinois Libraries Matter

At the Hairdresser’s, Contemplating Readers’ Advisory
Posted on October 31, 2013 by sporteus
I love talking to people about what they’re reading.  I always apologetically preface my questions by explaining that

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There is a great biblically-based manga/anime series out that was published in Japan.  It has such titles as Manga Messiah and Manga Metamorphosis.  Anyone who has been to a local library recently knows that manga has become quite popular among kids

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Old Book

I ran across a book yesterday that was 118 years old!  "The Inspiration and Accuracy of the Holy Scriptures" by John Urquhart. There is a stamp in it with the name S. A. Duggan and address from Leyton, (London, England) He also signed and dated it "1

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