Join me in celebrating the ministry of Beth Andrews. Share your love and admiration for Beth as well as your experiences with her through the years.


Thank you, Beth, for letting God use you in our lives in such significant ways. Thank you for all the miles you have traveled on our behalf and for all the words you have written that still guide us today. The work you have done regarding church library policies has been a true gift for most of our libraries.


May your retirement be a continuation of your ministry with all of us! We love you!

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  • Beth, your years of keeping us inspired and focused are much appreciated.

  • Beth, congratulations on your retirement! You have been such a blessing to Anne and me for so many years... back when you, the librarian at Travis Avenue (Fort Worth's big church,) so willingly helped Anne in her early days at Wedgwood (a much smaller church.) We have enjoyed 'hanging out' with you and Jerry over many a meal. Your work in our local associational meetings and at state and national conferences will long bear fruit.

    Through the years, you have encouraged me in whatever wild-eyed application I was working on at the time, helping me think through the possibilities from your church librarian's perspective. You embraced eBook technology early on, and your church library became one of the very first to make it available.

    What a legacy you have created! As you and Jerry make this life transition, Anne and my prayers go with you. Thank you, Beth.

  • Do you remember the following sequence of events? It was a warm summer day at Caswell and we church library ministry conference leaders had been introduced to the attendees and then excused to go to our classrooms ahead of the attendees. You and Jerry walked with me back to our classrooms, you two were in the classroom across the hall from mine. I started my computer and data projector and checked to be sure the PowerPoint image was aligned with the big screen behind me. Everything was ready. I closed my eyes and bowed my head to pray and ask for God's blessing on the class. What I am about to describe happened literally behind my back. It was later that Jerry's eye witness account helped us piece together what had happened. Apparently, the air conditioning cycled on and caught the big screen behind me causing it to billow out as if it were a sail. All I recall was the sudden unexpected impact of the blow to the head and being knocked to the floor. I never really paid much attention to the metal hook that is at the top of those big screens before I got thumped in the back of the head with one. According to Jerry, the airborne screen had quite the momentum going, as it set sail. After being whacked on the head, I remember seeing white and having rigid white sheets seemingly try to hug me and/or hold me down. Now remember, at this point, I still did not know what had hit me. This was a very traumatic event to have happen to someone, but especially moments before a class full of people were expected to walk through the door. I shall be forever grateful to you, Beth, and to Jerry who happened to glance across the hall toward my classroom just at the very instant it happened. He witnessed the attack of the screen on my person, and called for you to assist. You both rushed to pull and subdue the menacing and wildly waving hulk of a screen off my stunned carcass thereby saving me from total consumption by what my befuddled and aching head thought was some sort of wicked and errant sailboat.
    We laughed about how I was always saying to students and my team, "In case I get hit in the head, you need to know this." Well, it happened! And, it's true. We church library ministry leaders share our life's calling, this very worthy ministry, as often as we can with all who will listen, for there comes a day when we might get hit in the head or get to enjoy a well deserved retirement and we can hand responsibility over to another.
    You have been my teacher, mentor, co-worker, trusted advisor, friend, and rescuer! Congratulations on your retirement!
    I am praying for you as you transition into this new chapter of life.
    One request... Please, continue to pray for the church library ministry.
    My Jerry and I will leave the porch light on for y'all to come visit us in Louisiana.
    Love you, Hope Ferguson
  • WOW - Beth retiring?  Hard to imagine.  I know you will stay busy especially doing fantastic, fun things like being with the kids and grandkids.  Stay in touch with us.  We cannot stand the thoughts of you disappearing from our lives.  You are one beautiful, gracious lady and we support you in everything you endeavor.

  • Beth, you have been such an inspiration to me for many years......and such a blessing. My favorite memories are the time you spent in Concord, NC doing an association conference for us. We had time together at my home to rest and share  time together. We all enjoyed  your visit and learned so much!! I think of you often and cherish the memories we made together! I pray that you and Jerry will enjoy your retirement and that God will bless you richly!! Love you, Myra

  • Dear Beth!  I think the years of retirement are great!  Now that Spring has truly sprung and May is showing off all of her beauty, I find that every day holds all sorts of possibilities for adventures with the Lord!  Now you will have the time to do all that you have "put off" doing!  I know that you get great satisfaction from all your years of service and your reward is certain!  I have enjoyed every class with you, and then our fun times at RC and Glorieta--and now you go forward and sing that song we used to sing, "Happy Days!  Happy Days!  Oh what joy this life is bringing!  Happy Days!  Happy Days!  To the wind all sorrows flinging!  Happy Days!  Happy Days!  When the heart if filled with singing!  Happy Days!  Happy Days!  Oh what joyous, happy days!"   Yes!  there are good days ahead and you will have time now to read my 557 page book of memoirs--Under the Gooseberry Bush!  It is on Kindle and Amazon, or at a bookstore!  Of course, if you want a signed one, just let me know!  Love in any language, Mackie

  • What would you say to someone you have worked with since 1980 and they were retiring?      Well, first of all we have traveled many miles, worked with many directors, written many words, spoken many words and that is just to name a few things.  Think of all the meals, conference centers, airplane rides, car rides and restaurants we have endured and enjoyed.  Wow!  You have been such a joy and blessing to work with and I love you so much.  Your positive attitude, your encouragement, your determination and your heart for library ministry makes it appropriate that today be Beth Andrews Day on our website.  Along with thanking you I would be remiss to leave out our "token" male, Jerry, who always drove, carried our matrials, helped us with room design and often rode in the back of the vans so we girls could all be together.  Thank you Jerry!  


    And we always remember our mantra, "librarians don't retire, they just check out."  See you in the sonshine.


    Rita Kirkland

    First Baptist Church Euless

  • Beth and Jerry, thank you for years of dedication and service in library work.  It's been a wondrous journey, hasn't it?  There are  lots of "remembering whens" through the years as we have worked and travelled together in DACLO, Texas and across the Convention. I am so glad you chose to take the job at Park Cities and settled into a Dallas routine. You both served us well.   Now, go and enjoy those grandchildren to the max!  Randall and I have you on our prayer list.

  • Beth has been a "Jewel" for librarians in NC for many years. I remember especially one year when she & Jerry were on their way home from  a conference they stopped and visited the Library at HGBC and stayed for worship that day. Then we had lunch together.  She's one I email abt her ideas on a problem or just for encouragement. I think of her as a BFF!

  • Beth, it has been a joy to know you and serve with you through the years in library ministry.  You have been a faithful servant and a great librarian.  May this new season of life hold many blessings for you.

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