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New Book by One of our CLN Members

Congratulations to Diane Moody for the release of her 4th book in her War Series The Journey from War. Since I am one of her proofreaders, I highly recommend it for all libraries. As some of you know she is also my sister. Click here for all the deta

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The Book of Hours, by Davis Bunn

I'm new to this site, because I just began working in our church library. But I'm not new to reading great Christian books. I have never heard of Davis Bunn and this book written by him was recommended to me by a patron. I'm now on my 5th Davis Bunn

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I was adding this book to our online library catalog and the title caught my attention, so when I finished for the day I sat down to read.  Immediately struck by the easy writing style and faithful biblical content - it felt like a friendly conversat

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Songs of Suffering

Recently our pastor preached on grief and hardship. He recommended Songs of Suffering by Joni Eareckson Tada. I ordered it for the library. Before I sent it on to be cataloged, I took a moment to look at it and found it not only beautiful but a wonde

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I Am In Here

I haven't been truly gobsmacked by a book in a long time, and I Am in Here literally took my breath away! The premise of this suspense thriller, set in a volatile family predicament that seems to go from bad to worse by the minute, is brilliantly tol

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What I'm reading

Just finished "Far Side of the Sea" by Kate Breslin. She is a new-to-me author. This book is set in WWI. Here's the description from Thriftbooks:

In spring 1918, British Lieutenant Colin Mabry receives an urgent message from a woman he once loved but

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What I am reading

I have been alternating between Charles Martin books and Cathy Gohlke books. I am filling in the the ones I had not previously read and am going from oldest to newest.

Lately I have read -- When Crickets Cry (M), The Dead Don't Dance (M), Maggie (M),

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Under the Tulip Tree by Michelle Shocklee

When the stock market crashed in 1929, 16-year-old Lorena Leland's life takes a huge detour. Seven years later, to help support her struggling family, Rena takes a job interviewing former slaves for the Federal Writer's Project. She meets 101-year-ol

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