A Check Points Experience

Recently, Dottie Almond from Hudson, NC emailed me about her team's successful use of the Check Points for Ministry guide. We thought you would enjoy seeing what is going on in Hudson.


Thanks for the Check Points for Ministry guide. Our biggest downfall is using the Desk Book and written instructions for tasks performed in the Media Center by a group of workers that have worked together effectively for many years. I update the Desk Book every few years but no one ever uses it. When we have new workers, we show them how we operate, promote, process, etc. rather than giving them written instructions. The staff meets once a week for our work/planning sessions and we seem to stay on top of things that way. I will work on some written instructions so if something happens to all of us, someone else could come in and pick up where we left off.  However we did rank in the Excellent Library rating on the Check Points scale.


God has been so good to us this year.  Many changes in the library (I now have two staffers with their Master’s in Library Science and one other staffer who works at the public library).  In addition, our church moved into our new 3.4 million dollar Christian Life Center last January and had the note burning recently. We never had to have a mortgage. We are not a large church with a lot of money but God provided in miraculous ways. He will continue to provide. The library is in need of space, but our location is perfect, so until we  can expand, we manage our collection by weeding and removing items that are not in much demand. I look forward with anticipation to see what He will do.


Dottie Almond, Media Center Director

First Baptist Church

Hudson, NC 28638


Thank you, Dottie, for sharing your experiences with us! Congratulations! Based on First Baptist, Hudson's experiences, we encourage you to consider the Check Points process as an evaluation tool for your church library. To view and download the guide, click here.


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