3 x 20 = Success

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Reading is a full body workout for a child’s mind. MRI studies of children have found that reading lights up their whole brain. The front of the brain which deals with reason, speech, and problem solving; the back dealing with vision; and both sides of the mid-brain which process perception, sound, memory, and speech are all activated by reading.

3 x 20
Children who were read to three times a week for twenty minutes a day (not needed to be all at one sitting), were more likely to be in the top 25% of scores in reading than their peers. This benefit lasts well into the high school years according to recent U.S. Department of Education analysis. 

“The regular mental exercise of reading
pays life-long benefits.”
“Where Do Belly Buttons Come From?”, (CrossBooks 2013), 
by Jeffery Warren Scott.

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