In the wee hours of the morning of June 16, a tiny water line leading to a water fountain near the second floor library burst!  When the receptionist arrived about 7:30 Monday morning, she found water pouring down her office walls on the level below the water fountain, floors beginning to buckle, and on the floor above, the restrooms and hall adjacent to the water fountains were flooded! 

 "But," they said, "The library (located next to the flooded men's restroom) is okay."  We quickly discovered that was not the case, when wet footprints showed up on the carpet when we walked near the bookcases which were against the wall adjoining the flooded areas!  Fortunately, blowers and dehumidifiers were available to bring in to begin to dry the carpet.

 Then we packed up the books and the bookshelves were moved. In a few days, carpenters took out a portion of the walls, brought in the blowers and dehumidifiers again, and then replaced the walls! 

 The work has taken several weeks, but our fiction and children's areas were not affected, so we just kept on with our normal business of checking out media and helping the mission teams prepare activities for the upcoming mission trips!

 Now books have been returned to the replaced shelving units, just in time for school to begin in a couple of weeks!  No reading club for us this summer!  And that is what we did in the library on our summer vacation!

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  • Your summer vacation sounds like ours except we had a hurricane. Remember the 4 hurricanes that were back to back in Florida? What we did was cover up the bookcases with blue tarp and prayed like crazy! 

    We walked in the library and there was only one book ruined on the top of a shelf. Sitting next to the book was a teddy bear. I picked him up and he squished. He absorbed the water that fell from the ceiling. We praised God and shed a few tears too.

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