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With school starting in a few days, does that mean summer is over for all of us? I hope not! My summer reading is still in progress!! Recently, our Enrichment Center received a collection of books belonging to a special friend who passed a



Is this week really the last for July? Some of our schools will be starting very soon if not already. I guess that means summer is just about done. And I guess that means Vacation Bible School and Summer Reading Clubs are wrapping up. 




We had a busy week continuing to set up the new website and posting new articles. Grateful to those who pointed out a couple of things to fix. As we heard from you, we immediately took care of the problems. So, keep emailing us to let us

Written by Sue Berthelot

With tight or small budgets, it can be difficult for a church library to provide key items to meet the needs of their users. Library team leaders are challenged to be creative and frugal with their dollars. One type of fundr

Written by Glenn McEowen

This article discusses the cost of the e-books[1]  service. We will look at vendors' annual fees, the cost of titles and the time the library staff uses to manage e-books.

Vendor Annual Fees:

When we select a vendor to for ou

Contributed by Sue Berthelot

Organization in the library is important for its efficient operation. How do we keep vital
information easily accessible and up to date? One tool to help accomplish this goal is a Desk
Book. It should contain all policies