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Hi Everyone!

April Events

We did have our first two April webinars last Thursday provided by the Alabama Baptists. The recordings are being prepared for viewing now. Those of you who registered for the webinars will receive an email with lin

Hi Everyone!

Book Clubs

Through the years, lots of you have shared your book club ideas and experiences on the CLN. You will find these ideas on the CLN by searching “book clubs.” Let’s embrace our current church environments. I recently “at

Hi Everyone!

Check out these April Events

You will find new opportunities for gathering with librarians in April on Zoom and in-person. The Alabama librarians are hosting five Zoom events that will take place on Thursdays in April. The cost is free,

Hi Everyone!

What’s New on the Church Librarians Network


One of our new members, Jacqueline Wood, expressed an interest in adding classics to her church’s library. I have a couple of homeschool Mothers who are recommending classics


Many of us have endured difficult weather patterns during the past month. And the word “difficult” continues to capture the pandemic. Someone in my church yesterday asked for prayer for churches that are in serious trouble because of the p


Many of you are dealing with serious winter weather. Be strengthened by our prayers for you.

Thinking Beyond the Pandemic: Prediction #4: Theological Questions

Let’s continue to grapple with Dr. Stauffer’s predictions beyond the pandemic f

January 26, 2021


This week we have a free offer, an announcement about one of our CLN groups, and something to grapple with about our churches.

Free Offer

Check out Susan Full’s offer to send you supplies that she no longer needs. That’s f


Budget Requests for Church Libraries

We have two new comments on our discussion about budgets. Let’s keep this conversation going. Click here.

What’s New for Your Church’s Library in 2021?

After last Monday’s email broadcast, we had severa


Congratulations to Debbie Muller! She is retiring this Friday with the Illinois Baptist State Association. One of her hats since 2000 was serving with church librarians in Illinois.


Thank you, Debbie, for being a valued member of our Sout

Happy New Year!

Are you like me this week? Starting back to the routine with perhaps some new pieces to the routine? One of the new pieces for me is happening Wednesday. We are opening the Enrichment Center each Wednesday morning from 9:30 AM to Noon

Merry Christmas!

Hanukkah took place this past week. Now we look to Christmas. As I write today, I am listening to the recording of my church’s special Christmas worship on December 13. That is always a highlight of our Christmas. What are the highli