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Hi Everyone!

Christmas Plans?

Are your Christmas decorations and displays done? We would love to see them. Please take pictures and post them here. Click on the red button on the top right of the photos to search your pictures on your computer. If yo

Hi Everyone! 

Today is my Mother’s 97th birthday. She saw Jesus face-to-face many years ago so her memories are flooding my mind and heart today. Anita Hale was my inspiration to serve in Church Library Ministry. The thought occurred to me just now t

Hi Everyone! 

Let’s join the Kansas-Nebraska church librarians in remembering their longtime leader Sue Lindsay. She served as director of the Kansas-Nebraska Church Library Ministry Program for that convention for many  years. Her enthusiasm and9735663064?profile=RESIZE_180x180 pas

Hi Everyone!

Hundreds of church libraries are in danger right now due to Hurricane Ida and flooding. May God protect them and give them the resources to rebuild.

Calling Attention to Specific Items (Classification and Cataloging)

We had some response

Hi Everyone!

Computer Lab

Ruthe Turner brings up a great point about having computers available for people to use in the library. I realize the option to have a computer for people to use is not an option for most of our church’s libraries due to spa

Let’s pick up on Q&A discussions from the past that are relevant today.

Promotion: Facebook? Instagram?

In December 2014, Janet Estridge posted this question about Facebook. Only one person responded. How about today? How did you get started putting