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What is Let's Read?

Now we will have a place to share with each other what we are reading. Great way to find recommendations for our collections as well as our own reading lists.

Follow these steps to write your library team’s story. 

  1. Start your new page by clicking on the tab Let's Read.
  2. Then click on red box with plus sign then fill in the form.
  3. Title your post with the title of your book.
  4. Tell us why you like the book in the content box.
  5. Inserting book cover is optional. Place cursor where you want to place the cover. Click on image icon in the toolbar on the content box. Follow the prompts. For width use 200 pixels.
  6. Key in the title of your book in the content box, highlight the title, click on the toolbar link then insert the url to your favorite bookseller website for that item.
  7. Follow the prompts to post.

NOTE: As you read through the recommended books, be sure to consider your church library selection policy. 

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