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Concourse Web OPAC

Our church currently uses Concourse PC based. We want to add Web OPAC so our patrons can search the catalog online. Also so we can start adding ebooks I have quotes for adding Web OPAC to Concourse and for changing to Atriuum. Our library budget is p

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Printing Barcodes

I am new to Concourse.  I have downloaded the latest version of Concourse and eZcat to our new computer.  I am considering purchasing a BC Master licence and barcodes to print our own.  What are the pros and cons?  We are scrapping the old database a

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New with Concourse

I have a new Concourse program with EZ Cat and Web O Pac.  I went to the class prior to purchasing the program. Where do I begin ? I have simply been familiarizing myself with the headings and menu.



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Concourse reports spacing

How can the line spacing on a Concourse Report be adjusted? Frequently a report consists of entries requiring one or two line spaces. I adjust  column widths so that the entry  needs only one line space, but it still occupies two line spaces.


I know

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Deleting Items

I'm trying to write a procedure for withdrawing items from Concourse. I'd like some verification:

Before moving an item to trash:

1. If charged out, it must be checked in.

2. If marked lost, it must be be marked found.

3. If a master item, it must be rem

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