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I have a new Concourse program with EZ Cat and Web O Pac.  I went to the class prior to purchasing the program. Where do I begin ? I have simply been familiarizing myself with the headings and menu.



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  • If you know what each field is asking for now. you just need to start entering data. EZcat will help you bring in data especially if the books are not brand new. Be sure to check the information that you import. Not all libraries classify the same and I do check the info (be sure the dewey info is what you want) and be sure to include a summery since concourse searches that info too. hope that helps a little.

    • Thanks.  How do I enter DVDs?  There is not a section designated for these. 


    • There are 2 ways to do that. The first is to assign it an item ID # that does not designate the type of media under Item ID , You would do that in the Material type enter DVD.

      Because My library was started before we had computer We Designated each type of media with a prefix such as DVD, CD, VC and so on. So when I began using the program I customized it by going into administration and click on the LOCK picture and ADD item ID Types. There I added All the different types of media that we had at the time. That can be added to at any time as new types of media become available.  some examples are of course: DVD, CD, VC( we will probable have to get rid of those in time but there are still people that can play both DVD and VC's) BCD( Book on CD), G (Games), AT (accompanyment track) for soloists, and any thing else we may have to come up with. I think there are 36 spaces for Item ID types. and those can be changed if you run out of space (R-records, FS for filmstrips) just be sure that you have removed any of the items of that type you may have had in the past.


      Just for your info I am having a workshop in May and I will be teaching intro to concourse and using concourse daily!  Sat. May 5, 2012, and there will be 4 other leaders teaching several different Library courses too. the only cost is $5.00 for lunch. Check out the info below.



      Saturday MAY 5, 2012

      8:00 AM-4:00 PM

      13214 HOLTVILLE RD. (State Hwy. 111)

                  DEATSVILLE, AL 36022

      Church Ph. # 334-569-3854



      Dear Fellow Librarians,

                Time is drawing near for the Central Alabama Spring Library Workshop.

      I again want to invite and encourage you to make plans to attend this training opportunity. I also want to invite librarians from neighboring states to attend this workshop on Saturday May 5th, 2012. Remember we invite not only church librarians but school and public librarians to attend. We will meet at Shoal Creek Baptist Church in Deatsville, Al. (This is the church I attend). I hope that all of you have already budgeted for the cost of attending the Annual State Library Conference at Shocco Springs on September 17-19, 2012, but that is several months away. If you are like me I can use a power charge about now. This one day workshop can really give you a boost and keep you going until we meet in September. The only cost for the Central Alabama Spring Library Workshop will be $5.00 for the lunch meal (unless you come to the area the night before to spend the night). If you coming to the workshop but don’t want to drive in on Saturday morning I will provide info about some hotels at the bottom. Shoal Creek Baptist Church is about 15 miles from Wetumpka, Al. and about 18 miles from Millbrook, Al. By attending this workshop it will allow you to attend other classes at the State Conference in September. This is an excellent opportunity to bring your new TEAM MEMBERS (or even someone that is trying to decide if the library ministry is where God is calling them to serve.) There will be BOOK SWAP tables (you don’t even have to bring anything to SWAP). There will be PRIZES! Lifeway Book Store will be available. Of course, there will be FUN and FELLOWSHIP! Registration will begin at 8:00 AM. Light refreshments available when you arrive and at breaks.


      Lunch: Subway Sandwiches, Chips, Cookies, Drinks (cost $5.00)



      To register contact:

      Marty Woodall by phone Home # 334-569-3854 or Library # 334-569-2485

      Or E-mail:  or by snail mail: Marty Woodall

      891 Lake Haven Dr. Deatsville, Al. 36022


      Hotels in general area:

      Country Inn and Suites                             Key West Inn

      1925 Cobbs Ford Rd                                  4225 US Hwy 231

      Millbrook, Al. 36054                                  Wetumpka, Al. 36092

      334-285-8940                                               1-800-833-0555


      The Alabama State workshop is Sept 17-19. and Bill Jones from Book Systems will be there along with about 16 others all leading 3-4 classes each. So It is intense learning time with a lot of fun thrown in.


      hope this info helps, if you need to call to ask something feel free.



    • Will you have another course in 2013?  I feel uncertain as to what to do.  I have not had a course.  Just what I learned from the librarian before me.

    • Kate if you are on central time give me a call 817-614-5629 I am the volunteer librarian at FBC Grapevine and I'll try to answer your questions, also I am in the library Wednesday 5-7 pm and Sunday 5-7 pm so could talk to you then


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