I've been trying to migrate our Concourse from our old standalone computer to our church network but keep getting tangled up with licensing/admin privileges and other roadblocks. The software is installed, not the data. Concourse support people are very nice, but getting one of our church network administrators in the library when support people are available and vice versa has been impossible.

Our school has their own Concourse license and they are running it via the network, so I know it can be done.


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  • Yippee! We finally got everyone in the room at the same time and the Concourse tech support on the phone, so our networked Concourse is now running great. Thanks for all the advice. It had never occurred to me that we could set up an appointment with tech support. Worked out very well.

  • I am assuming you have the network version of the Concourse software.  From there, I  simply loaded the software onto our church server network location, did a full backup of the single workstation and did a restore to the network location. 

  • I understand your frustration. It is quite a problem when your Concourse software is on a church computer and there is not a full-time tech person at church to help when you need it. Book Systems' tech people are very good about setting up an appointment with you. If you can get your church tech person to commit to being at the church on a certain day at a certain time, Book Systems can call you on that day at that time. Every time I have set up an appointment with Book Systems, a tech person has called within 2 minutes of the appointed time.
    I have that same sort of problem at my church. I couldn't even load Concourse on the computer. The tech person insisted that he had to do it. What is it about church tech people?

  • Book systems will work with you and I have actually made appointments.  I like for book systems tech to take over my computer via internet and fix what ever.

  • I had the same problem when my computer crashed, and not every thing worked properly.  I like Maureen's idea; however, my tech person at church does not work at church.  I just had to keep going up the food chain and asking people in the office for help.  Sorry. Wish I had a better answer.


    Today at 2:28 PM
    When I had phone-people problems, I asked if they would handle my call when I called and not have to wait.  They did that.  Of course it has to be if their tech person is available in the office at that time.  Would your people consider an appointment time so that Book Systems could call you at that particular time?  I have found them to be so accommodating. 
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