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  • Central Alabama would like to invite you to attend the Central Alabama Library Conference on Saturday March 4th. at Shoal Creek Baptist church in Deatsville, Al. Why not make plans to take a Road Trip to Wetumpka, Al where Ben and Erin filmed Home Town Take over and attend the conference that is about 12 miles away from Wetumpka, The Hampton in located in Wetumpka is offering a reduced rate if you are attending this event.
  • For the items you already have cataloged in Concourse, make sure you still have those items, still want those items, etc. Weed your collection and database before submitting to Book Systems. Look at copyright dates and usage. It is easier to clean up the database before the conversion.
    For the books that are not cataloged, again make sure you still want them. Atriuum’s cataloging process is much easier than in Concourse, if you did not have eZcat. If you would like to email me, I have a couple of handouts that might help you clean-up the database.
  • What do we need to do with our database before we convert to Atrium?
    Help !! ASAP !!
    • Depends on what system you are currently using. My original conversion, 20 years ago, was from the old fashioned card catalog and accession list. I had some folks who needed community service hours so they entered the basics. These days you can just enter the ISBN and it populates the rest. How many titles do you have?
    • We have the original Concourse, no telling how old it is. It has been so long I don't remember how we put our books into the computer.
      Please explain populates in plain English. We have around 25,000 books, books on cd, and dvd's. What do we need to do to make the conversion easy?
    • Populates means fill in information on the cataloging form/page, i.e. for a new item you search Atrium database by ISBN for example and if the book is in the data base then the author, title, publisher all the way through the catalog card to the Subject headings and added entries fill in and then you add your call number, acquisition data, make any edits and save. Much like ezCat works with Atrium when you add a new item.
      We just converted to Atrium last January from Concourse (installed in 1996) and about 6 months before upgrading to Atrium we performed an inventory to identify and delete or replace lost items, weed items no longer needed (reducing the collection by about 10%). Also, we worked on cleaning up our patron data base. Concourse has some god reports to help you. There is a learning curve with any new software and Atrium is no different.
  • Be sure to notice the dates on the comments about events. All of the Fall events are delayed till 2021.
  • I am looking for printed instructions for Concourse to be kept in a folder by the computer. Does anyone have copies they could email me? Thank you in advance!
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Concourse Pocket and Card Labels

Just got a question from Donna Starnes: I am trying to use Concourse to add books to our library.  When printing labels to go on the pocket and card of the book, is there a way to print the Item Number without all the leading zeroes? I would appreciate any help. Thanks! Donna  

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Concourse Web OPAC

Our church currently uses Concourse PC based. We want to add Web OPAC so our patrons can search the catalog online. Also so we can start adding ebooks I have quotes for adding Web OPAC to Concourse and for changing to Atriuum. Our library budget is pretty low and moving to Atriuum seems outside our budget. Can someone share how they use Concourse Web OPAC and manage ebooks? Thanks 

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Printing Barcodes

I am new to Concourse.  I have downloaded the latest version of Concourse and eZcat to our new computer.  I am considering purchasing a BC Master licence and barcodes to print our own.  What are the pros and cons?  We are scrapping the old database as it is hopelessly out of date and we will start barcoding the items that remain on the shelf after a heavy weeding process.    

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Problem using Concourse reports

I'm having trouble using the reports feature of Concourse, version 8.5.013.  Items added recently (after about August) do not appear in the generated report.We recently updated to the current version, just before our maintenance contract expired. We let it expire because of a deep cut in our budget, and the fact that we have never had trouble before. I tried reindexing the catalog, but no joy.Has anyone had this problem? I suspect the update might have some thing to do with my problem.

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