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I am new to Concourse.  I have downloaded the latest version of Concourse and eZcat to our new computer.  I am considering purchasing a BC Master licence and barcodes to print our own.  What are the pros and cons?  We are scrapping the old database as it is hopelessly out of date and we will start barcoding the items that remain on the shelf after a heavy weeding process.    

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  • Thank you for sharing this great information and the additional idea of where to place the barcode on the book.

    Since we are essentially starting all over again, I want to get it right and functional.  I am a retired public librarian but some things are different or more practical in the church library, of course.

  • I have been printing my own bar codes for MANY years. I think it is the only way to go. If something gets damaged I can replace it and just print a new barcode. It is also more cost effecient because when I purchased the license It only took two orders of bar codes to pay for the license, Not sure about now. I also some times change out books if one that is donated is in better physical use on the shelf (due to use). we will also keep a hardback and replace a paperback if a hardback is donated. 

  • Having the barcode license is the way to go. I like being able to print the title, author, and call number on the barcode, as well as having the name of the church. Sometimes the author's name is not on the outside of the book. Without the name on the barcode, you have to look inside the book to see the name.
    Your patrons could use a 5-digit number and your books could use a 6-digit number. I started all of my books' barcode numbers with 1 (i.e. 100000). That way the patron numbers and books numbers would never overlap.
    I hope this helps.

  • Sorry that I don't use bar codes, but could I borrow your heavy weeders?  : o)

    • Maureen,

      Peggy and I will be right over!

  • Thank you.  Since the license is only a one time fee, I believe we will go that route.  With what numbers did you begin your materials  barcodes and your patron barcodes?

  • You dont have to have the barcode printing license to print barcodes. You can use Microsoft word with a label template and tell it you want to print "dumb" barcode labels. But you won't have the title, author, or your library name on them. That said, we do have the barcode license. Let me know if you need more info
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