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Winter Reading Program

Who is going to have a winter reading program?   Ours begins on January 15 and will continue through the last Sunday in March.  It is for adults only since we have one for the children in the summertime.  In addition to prizes awarded through our chu

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Book fairs

Remember when your school had a book fair and you had $5 to spend on the book of your choice to be placed in the school library?


I want to something similar based on what I heard at a recent visit to a church library.  They did a book fair by purch

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card making

Our library has a card making ministry that raises about $900 a year for the library.  The congregation donates used greeting cards and volunteers use them to make new "recycled cards". Then the congregation buys them off a card rack located in the l

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Library Challenge

Last February I wrote about a challenge we issued to the adults and youth of our church, "Read 10 in 2010".  It was a successful challenge.  Sixty people accepted the challenge.  Thirty-three read at least 10 books and many read far more than ten.  A

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This is a rather long blog about public libraries and ebooks, but well-worth reading. If you have a Kindle, Nook, etc. or if you are considering adding eb

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