Book fairs

Remember when your school had a book fair and you had $5 to spend on the book of your choice to be placed in the school library?


I want to something similar based on what I heard at a recent visit to a church library.  They did a book fair by purchasing books ahead of time (in their case, from Lifeway), then they displayed the books at the church and invited the congregation to purchase a book or 2 to be placed in the church library.  Any books that did not sell were taken back.


Has anyone done anything like this?  How about with CBD or another Christian book store?  If so, could you please share any ways that you encouraged the congregation to purchase?


Thank you for your input and have a wonderfully blessed Easter!

Jenn Burwell

Library Team Leader

Forest Hill Baptist Church

Wilson, NC 27893

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  • Update for 2012: $742 worth of new material purchased by the congregation to enrich the materials we use to minister.  That is mostly due to the amazing assistance at the local Lifeway store.  And that only happened because of an associational meeting that I went to because I sat in front of her and her husband and we started talking about books! Love how God works to enrich our lives.

  • Encourage your church members to purchase items "in honor" or "in memory" of someone special. 

  • Thanks, Eva Nell! I did talk to the manager at my local store and we are working on doing this in stages. 1st one is happening on June 26th!
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