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Here are some photos of the tri-folds I mentioned in the conversation about classification. We have several more of different genres each in a different color and some authors that are prolific have their own   There were a couple reasons behind maki

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Inventory in Concourse


We have never done an inventory in our library and are approaching 6800 in our ascension numbers. But, we do not have a scanner! Does anyone have a scanner we could borrow, or even purchase if you are not using it? 



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Duplicate books need a new home!

Hello! We have 3+ boxes of duplicate books that are available. I will be willing to travel about 50 miles from Mobile, AL to deliver. I do not have a list yet. We have a lot of different genres available. Please let me know if you are interested. My

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Help from an old guy

    As a former Special librarian and retired now for about 22 years and still going, I've helped many libraries start-up or reorganize; Corporate, Public, Academic, State Prison, Churches, and Rare auto collection and an auto museum.

   The last seve

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Hello To CLN:
FYI, check out Masonboro Baptist Church (in Wilmington, NC) website, Facebook or YouTube to see our Children’s Ministries Director Tracy Brewer feature our Library & read a book virtually last week. I think she did it on Zoom but
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Has anyone bought tablets that could be checked out? We have several who have a hard time reading either because  of their eyes or holding a book so I was considering buying a couple. How did you handle them


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