Help from an old guy

    As a former Special librarian and retired now for about 22 years and still going, I've helped many libraries start-up or reorganize; Corporate, Public, Academic, State Prison, Churches, and Rare auto collection and an auto museum.

   The last several years I've had to bow out of singing in choir, playing timpani and jazz drums in ensembles, and given up most of my Professional memberships. This; the result of cancer treatments.

   However I'm still editing two publications, a Quarterly and a Themed annual book, Contrasts, for a fairly large group of writers.

    Over the many years I've written articles about building library collections, some on reviews of recordings, books, and Research. More recently I wrote some blogs on Public Libraries Online, the online magazine for PLA/ALA group. These can be found here: ; scroll down and click on the articles for full text.

    Another item I wrote is available at the Purdue University archive for downloading and may be helpful  for those starting a library; any library. You can find this work (downloaded 161 times since 2017) here:

    While after 10 years working with the church library, I'm no longer doing much library work, but if any of you need something I'm pretty good at suggesting approaches or finding things.

    I rarely go here to this site; so if you need to and CLN will allow it, send email to

Best wishes to all of you.


P.S. Praise the Lord--In January of this year 2021, I became one of only 5.7% who survive the stage 4 colon cancer which I've had; discovered in 2016. My sister, my son's 28 year-old wife, and her mother, did not survive this same cancer.

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  • While this bibliography is pretty old and some links might not work, it will be useful for ministerial research for staff, and librarian members.

    I tried to send it to resources page, but was unsuccessful

    Trescott Files Bibliographic Guides no. 14 Doctor of Ministry Project Resources
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