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What are your plans for reopening the library?
37 Replies

Started this Q&A. Last reply by Allison Maynard Jun 22.

Online Story Times?
3 Replies

Started this Q&A. Last reply by Cathy Smith Apr 16.

Shipping to Hungary?

Started Feb 3


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Morlee Maynard commented on the blog post 'A Church Library Currently in Transition'
"Without guilt, I stopped adding to our journey because we like you have been on the Covid "break". Our church building completely closed all these months until June 1 when the office opened. So our team took a break. Since we are still…"
Jun 25
Allison Maynard replied to the discussion 'What are your plans for reopening the library?'
"Book Systems has adjusted there prices for churches. If you have Concourse and your tech support is current, you will get a slight discount. The Atriuum tech support cost is now based on the size of the church library. Like Morlee said definitely…"
Jun 22
Pam Grady replied to the discussion 'What are your plans for reopening the library?'
"We are in the same boat. My church accidentally disconnected our internet cable 3 years ago about the same time I became the librarian. I keep asking, but it's a low priority. Now we are moving (temporarily) to the 3rd floor which as no…"
Jun 22
Morlee Maynard replied to the discussion 'What are your plans for reopening the library?'
"To get the correct information, contact Book SystemsEmail: Phone: 800.219.6571"
Jun 22
Elizabeth Fisher replied to the discussion 'What are your plans for reopening the library?'
"Hi, we started our reading program on 5-31.  My assistant and I decided to hold the plans we had for this year and save till next year.  No one knows of plan as we always keep a secret until just the start.  So this year we are…"
Jun 22
Dee Privette replied to the discussion 'What are your plans for reopening the library?'
"What is the approximate cost difference between Concourse and Atrium?"
Jun 22
Morlee Maynard replied to the discussion 'What are your plans for reopening the library?'
"Did you see DEMCO's article last week? Public Libraries: Your Planning Guide for Reopening"
Jun 22
Lee Smith commented on the blog post 'Storytime'
"We have a weekly story time for our day school that is also open to any church families at Monument Heights Baptist for about 10 year now.  With the current conditions we had to stop them in the library.  Easter weekend we tried doing two…"
Jun 21
Pam Grady commented on the blog post 'Storytime'
"Great idea! I find it fascinating how different ideas work with the varying needs of each church. I've read about children's story hour and wasn't sure it was right for us. But this video gave me the idea of perhaps a weekly book read…"
Jun 19
Morlee Maynard replied to the discussion 'Quick Cataloguing' in the group Atriuum User Group
"We use Quick Cataloging all the time. We make adjustments to Dewey to fit our choices for specific types of books. For example, parenting books have all kinds of numbers but we chose 649 so that all the parenting books are in one place. Saves LOTS…"
Jun 19
Morlee Maynard commented on Morlee Maynard's page Church Library Orientation: Church Library Ministry Classification and Cataloging Overview
"Updated June 11, 2020"
Jun 11
Morlee Maynard commented on Morlee Maynard's page Church Library Orientation: Church Library Ministry Promotion Overview
"Updated June 11, 2020"
Jun 11
Morlee Maynard commented on Morlee Maynard's page Church Library Orientation: Church Library Ministry Collection Development Overview
"Updated June 11, 2020"
Jun 11
Morlee Maynard commented on Morlee Maynard's page Church Library Ministry Orientation: Church Library Ministry Administration Overview
"Updated on June 12, 2020"
Jun 11
Morlee Maynard commented on Morlee Maynard's page CLM Classification & Subject Cataloging: Subject Cataloging
"Updated June 11, 2020"
Jun 10
Morlee Maynard commented on Morlee Maynard's page CLM Administration: Policy Development
"Updated June 11, 2020"
Jun 10

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Hello To CLN:

FYI, check out Masonboro Baptist Church (in Wilmington, NC) website, Facebook or YouTube to see our Children’s Ministries Director Tracy Brewer feature our Library & read a book virtually last week. I think she did it on Zoom but not…

Posted on May 27, 2020 at 7:45am — 2 Comments

2019 Holiday Displays

Did you take pictures of your Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, and other holiday displays? We would love to see your ideas!! Click here to post your pictures or you can post pictures in a comment.

Posted on February 5, 2020 at 10:02am

Topic of the Month Experiences

On my journal of our transition we are making in my church with our Enrichment Center, I just posted about our launch of a Topic of the Month Strategy. Click here

Are you doing a Topic of the Month approach of some kind? If so, please share your approach and experiences.

Posted on February 5, 2020 at 9:06am — 1 Comment

Read the Bible Through Ideas

Carolyn Walker shared how her church encourages people to read the Bible through each year. Click here to read her article. How about your church? How does your church's library support an emphasis on reading the Bible?

Posted on August 31, 2019 at 8:24am — 2 Comments

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At 11:07am on May 10, 2019, Robert E. Wittmeyer said…


I will give you the lowdown. We are a large church as you know. Our first building phase was in 1985, with a sanctuary and a children's Sunday School building (3 stories with around 45,000 sq.ft.). The library was given a 24'X32' room in this first building on its second floor between the elevators and the restrooms. Eventually we built another building with essentially the same design, but larger (wider), for adults. Over the years, the children's ministry expanded to take over the first floor of the second building. Fast forward to last year, when it became apparent that the building designs did not support the current theory of discipling children in large groups rather than small classes. So a major redesign of both buildings was undertaken. The plan was to totally remodel the first two floors of both buildings and add a connector building between such that those 4 floors look like just 2 continuous floors. We have just concluded the financial pledging to support the effort and will get underway in about a month and a half. During the design phase, the library personnel (church staff and volunteers) were not consulted. Finally the library staff lady asked for an audience about 3 weeks ago after we had seen the plan that did not include space for a library. On asking the church administrator about the library, we were told that nothing had been decided. I had prepared a paper with several options for continuing some sort of library during the 2 year remodel effort. My last option was to eliminate the library altogether, a thing not wanted, but had to be on the list. The word came back in a just a couple of days was that there was no available space anywhere else in the church and that the library was to be eliminated. I could not even get a 17'x17' space for a children's library. Our children's books are going to our church school, The First Academy. The remaining books are being distributed free to pastoral staff, library volunteers and then the church membership on a first come - first served basis.

Now those are the facts. But let me have a few words about the decisions. As you note, evangelistic churches are majoring on worship and mission work (short term, local, and career). Our church is also putting a high priority on forming new Bible study groups, especially home groups, for mostly adults and high school students. We have a dichotomy between the children's large group philosophy and the adult small group philosophy. If we teach the children in large groups, how will we ever convert them to small group scenarios when they reach adulthood. I believe without any proof that the library was tabled by the design committee and left to the end for resolution. Then when all the new space had been dedicated, the library was left in limbo.

Also, the printed book is becoming a dinosaur, especially with the younger generation, so libraries as they are presently constituted have to change. Our public library has exchanged book space for large computer rooms, etc. My alma mater, Georgia Tech, in a partnership with Emory University, has recently removed all books from the on-campus library and placed in a book warehouse. The library building has been remodeled to have only student study space. A student can still obtain a book by request and it will be delivered from the warehouse the next day. Everyone has the knowledge of the world at their fingertips in the cellphone, so why bother with books. The e-book can be more comprehensive with illustrations (photos and videos) than a printed book, and more easily revised.

Now, to put all the blame on the church staff and building committee is not totally accurate. The library usage has fallen, and I had to provide those statistics to church staff; and it wasn't pretty. In fact, I was fully expecting the decision that was made. One of the mysteries that I cannot fathom is that people will take free books (as a result of weeding), but will not c

At 11:24am on January 24, 2019, April Reeves said…
Happy belated birthday to Mrs. Maxine on her 100th birthday!
At 12:31pm on April 28, 2018, Cathie DuVal said…

I downloaded and printed out the Church Library Ministry Information Service pages yesterday. I would like to do the Equipping Church Librarians for Ministry Certificate. But every time I click on it, it says that it doesn't exists. Am I missing something? Thank you for all the information. Have a great day!


At 3:51pm on April 26, 2018, Cathie DuVal said…

Ok, great. I want to learn as much as I can and think taking these courses will help me. Yes I buy these books. Just need to figure out how to down load them. Can't use the printer at work. Way to many pages.


At 6:11pm on April 22, 2018, Edie Asbury said…


After seeing Carolyn Walker's creative display at the VCLA conference, I dressed up my display cart of books for Mother's Day and Father's Day with visual effects.

At 8:15am on April 18, 2018, Nevada Diane Large said…

So glad to a part of this!  Looking forward to chatting and learning from my Christian Librarians.   Blessings to All!  

At 4:39am on June 30, 2013, Gene Cahall said…

Thank you, Morlee. Have you considered asking the prospective member 2-3 questions about their library to try to screen out the "weirdos" as you label them? Not just numbr of books/items that anyone could through a number at, but perhaps something subtle that could be answered by a legitimate interested librarian, but would result in an obvious "I don't know what you're talking about" to others? Maybe a question about favorite author or book title. Just an idea. Thanks for your efforts. Gene

At 9:38pm on January 30, 2012, Morlee Maynard said…

Hi Deanna!! Our state events are sponsored by the state SBC associations but the events are open to everyone and we have many denominations and church groups attending. Ridgecrest is also open to everyone. THANKS!

At 7:05pm on January 30, 2012, Deanna King said…

Hi, Morlee,

Are the many state associations holding meetings made up primarily of Southern Baptist churches?  or a mix of denominations?

How about the Ridgecrest conference?

I've been curious!  Thanks.

At 9:54am on November 15, 2011, Cindy Duke said…

Thanks so much Marlee!




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