Take a tour through our pages and find out what’s new and what’s different on our new website.

As with all websites, if the typesize is too large or too small on our screen, zoom your view to the size you prefer. You will find the zoom tool by clicking on the three vertical dots to the right of your picture at the top of your screen above the Church Librarians Network website.

The Header Tabs

Explore all our pages by clicking on the red tabs across the top of the page. New tabs (those listed below) feature a drop-down “What is” tab to explain the new topic.

Be sure to check out these new pages:

Our Journeys is a place where members can keep a journal about their library ministries. Feel free to start your journal with a background post sharing a brief history of your library ministry. Then update with new postings in the comment section to share what’s currently happening through your library ministry. For instructions, go to "What is Our Journeys" by hovering your cursor on the tab "What is Our Journeys".

Let's Read is a new gathering place for those who love books and like to share them with others. That book you couldn’t put down? Tell us about it! Looking for a good biography? An inspiring book on prayer? Ask fellow members for suggestions. The more we share the better! Feel free to insert the book cover. For instructions, go to "What is Let's Read" by hovering your cursor on the tab "Let's Read". Remember to consider each recommendation through the lens of your church library selection policy.

The Articles page is a great platform for sharing articles pertaining to church ministry which can be read online or downloaded to print. For instructions, go to "What is Articles" by hovering your cursor on the tab "Articles". [Note: this page is still under construction as we transfer articles from the previous CLN website.]

My Page

Each CLN member has a personal page called My Page. Here you can create your own profile by selecting Options in the upper right corner. Let others get to know you better by uploading your profile photograph and a cover photo as well.

Simply click on Options then Edit Profile to complete or update your information:

  1. Username
  2. Password
  3. Full Name
  4. Full Page Privacy options
  5. Gender
  6. Country
  7. Zip Code
  8. City, State
  9. Your CLN URL

Click on Options then Upload Profile Photo. We would love for you to share a personal photograph so that we can put a name with your face! Otherwise, the CLN logo will appear in place of a photograph and where’s the fun in that? Share your picture and let’s all get better acquainted!

Click on Options then Upload Cover Photo. This photo will go across the header of your My Page. Feel free to share a favorite photograph, a picture of your library or your library team, a snapshot of a beloved book, or those lovely flowers from your garden. Have some fun! Helpful tip: select a photograph in the landscape format (wider than tall) for better display.

On the Edit Profile, click on the Email box. This new feature gives you all kinds of options regarding your delivery and frequency preferences of your CLN email.

The modules on your My Page show all of your activities on the CLN. Here you can easily find your previous blog posts, events, photos, and videos.

New Location:

The following links are now found at the top of all CLN pages on the right-hand side in the top black border:

  1. Friend Requests
  2. Your CLN Messages Inbox
  3. Invite Contacts (new members to the CLN)
  4. Your Name (linked to your My Page)
  5. Sign Out/Sign In

Things to Know

  1. On each page, direct links to other pages are lettered in red.
  2. The chat feature is still located in the gray bar on the bottom right-hand side of your screen. A pop up screen enables you to invite other CLN members for a chat. If they are currently online on the CLN, they should hear the notification alert tone and easily find your chat.
  3. Pardon our inconvenience! We are still under construction on several of our pages as we continue to add content from our previous website. We appreciate your understanding.

As you have questions or suggestions, or need help finding something, email us! Administrator Morlee Maynard receives these emails and will respond as soon as possible.

Email us at: churchlibrariansnetwork@gmail.com

Thank you for your patience as we complete all the updates. The new CLN is literally a work in progress!