• The most recent update wants you to add the c into the record.  I have added it to several since then but there are a lot of records still missing it. I just checked some of my bibliographic records and the copyright date is on the image when I switch from full view to card view on the ones I've changed.  If I haven't changed it yet, it's not there.

    I recently called Book Systems to ask if there was a way to globally change this and I think they may be looking into this.  But as for right now, it has to be manually added.



    • Thank you! Contacting Book Systems was next on my list to try. I appreciate the info.

  • I think publication date is a standard feature. If there is no date listed on the card view of a title then you neglected to enter it, or the orinial cataloger didn't enter it. If the book is published without a date on the verso of the title page it is acceptable to enter which will signify to readers that there is no known publication date for the item. I have been a children librarian for ages and I don't remember much form taking Cataloging class at University of New Mexico. Not my best skill!

    • Thank you for your response, Barbara. Yes, we thought it was a standard feature as well since it has always been there. But in recent months we have noticed it missing on the Card view. We have double checked the bibliographic records of many items including our current entries and we have not neglected to enter it. It just isn't showing up on the card view for some reason.

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