Church Library Collection Development (12)

Written by Sue Berthelot

With tight or small budgets, it can be difficult for a church library to provide key items to meet the needs of their users. Library team leaders are challenged to be creative and frugal with their dollars. One type of fundr

Written by Glenn McEowen

This article discusses the cost of the e-books[1]  service. We will look at vendors' annual fees, the cost of titles and the time the library staff uses to manage e-books.

Vendor Annual Fees:

When we select a vendor to for ou

Written by Glenn McEowen

This article discusses how e-books provide a unique ministry through the church library. After several years of providing this service, our library and others have discovered it as a ministry beyond what ever imagined.

For th

Written by Glenn McEowen

This article discusses how the e-books[1] service works. We will consider the need for an e-book vendor and what it can do for us.

E-book technology assumes your church member has an electronic device that can connect to the

Written by Glenn McEowen

A pastor recently contacted me regarding his church's interest in providing eBookservice to his congregation. He shared a list of questions provided by his church LibraryDirector, Pat Bredbenner. They serve at First Baptist,

Written by Sue Berthelot 

Manual Inventory Supplies:

  1. 3X5 slips of paper or index cards
  2. Pencils with good erasers
  3. Paperclips and rubber bands
  4. Copies of Repair Slips (See Page 47, Church Library Ministry Information Service)
  5. Boxes for books needing
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Written by Sue Berthelot
Automated Inventory Supplies Needed:

  • Printout of Shelf List or Bar Code Reader
  • Pencils
  • Copies of Repair Slips (Page 47, Church Library Ministry Information Service)
  • Boxes to handle books needing special care once inventory
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