I'm in the process of revitalizing our small library, it needs some loving tlc!  One of our Sunday School teachers asked if I would be sure to add some books for preschool ages that she can use and read during Sunday School.  I agreed, but didn't realize what a tall order that was!

Can anyone recommend good, Bible-centered books for this age group?

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  •  Other ideas: The series "God Gave Us" by Lisa Bergren is for Pre-school-2; the FlipSide stories by Dandi Daley Mackall tell a few Bible stories from 2 different views, e.g. Zacchaeus' side and Jesus' side; rhyming stories are fun to read aloud and The Rhyming Bible Storybook for toddlers is an option.

  • I would recomend Who is Coming to our House.  It comes in board book or paper book and is an excelent Advent/Christmas book.  I got a board book copy for our church nursery a year or two before shut down so it should still be available.  It is a story about a bunch of animals in a barn getting ready for company the text is rhymes and if you look at the pictures you can figure out who the company is there is a picture of bethlehem in the background at one point for example when you see outside the barn.


  • Dandi Daley Mackall has written several series of children's books.  One of my favorite series is the My Favorite Verses. I think there are 8 or 9 in the series and they're all based on well-known verses in the Bible.  Some of the titles include the Armor of God, Jesus in Me, Praying Jesus' Way, I'm His Lamb, God Blesses Me, and God shows the Way.  She is a prolific writer and has also written books for primary grade children.  


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  • The Alice in Bibleland series is really good!  Also Brian Wildsmith has done a few books that would work with older pre-schoolers.  One of my favorite books for preschoolers is God's Gift by Jean Richards. It's the only children's book I know of that uses the second Genesis story of the creation of man. Anthony DeStefano and Tomie dePaola both wrote some Bible centered childrens stories.  Some of them would be too Catholic for many of you, but not all.  Particularly Anthony DeStefano's book about the parable of the loaves and fishes would be good, as well as one of my favorites of his called Roxie the Ritzy Camel, which introduces children to the idea that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven. Tomie dePaola's book of Bible Stories and Miracles of Jesus can work for preschool in small doses.  

  • We have discovered Bible-centered books for preschoolers that are constantly checked out these days. I am attaching a list of books for preschoolers that we added during the last 2 years so these should be in print. This list does include some books that are not Bible-centered but many if not most are Bible-centered or Bible-based. Hope you find it helpful. Thanks, Morlee.

    Enrichment Center CE books page 1.pdf

    Enrichment Center CE books page 2.pdf

    Enrichment Center CE books page 3.pdf


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