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How many of you are using blogs to promote your library?  We began one this past year and have been very happy to have a resource that we can update as often as we have ideas.  Anyone with a Gmail account can start a blog through Blogspot for free.   There are others available, too, but this is the one I know how to use.  You can visit ours at

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  • Hi Janet, I'm not the best one to answer your question, but I can tell you how I got started.  There are several places to set up a blog for which you could Google to take your pick.  I chose  You can choose from a variety of templates for your blog design setup.  You can choose your color scheme, font, etc.  It guides you through everything step by step.  Or if you are very familiar with working with websites, you can start from scratch.  All of the preparation is completed before you publish it to the internet.  But even then, if you don't like something or see a mistake, you can go back to edit it.  I was very nervouse about making a big mess when I first started, but it was so easy to find my way around that I soon became very comfortable.  If you'd like to see my blog you can go to  I have combined my rubberstamp art and book reviews into one blog.  I have our church library on line, but I'm debating whether I want to use this blog for advertising advertising our library's new media or when I should set up a separate one for that.


  • I've never blogged before so how do you get started ??

  • It depends on what I add.  If it is a quick update, less than fifteen minutes.  When I update the New Titles page, it can take 30 minutes to an hour.  Setting it up initially will take longer but I guess it could be maintained in an average of 30 minutes per week with one update weekly.

  • Nice job!  

    Lynda, can you give us an estimate of the average work time per month to maintain the blog with all of the photos, etc?


  • Amazing blog of an amazing ministry. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • I post pictures and summaries of our new items on my church library's facebook page, but Lynda, your blog is much nicer.  Love it!  If anyone wants to view the facebook page the account is under Graefenburg Baptist Church Library.  Check out the photo albums.
  • Interesting question and I would love to read some replies.  I just recently started using my personal blog to post book reviews and have been praying and thinking about how to tie it in with our church library.  My blog is through Blogspot also.  I found it very easy to set up and use.  Some ideas I've been considering are listing our new media for the month, having "The Librarian's Monthly Recipe," craft ideas for "thinking of you" little gifts,  a Bible question game.  Finding the time will be another challenge, as I'm also church secretary.  Busy hands are happy hands.  What a joy to serve the Lord!
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