Appreciation Notes to Authors

Yesterday my sister, Diane Moody, shared with me a note she received from a reader. God used this note to nudge her to keep on writing her current book. That note gave her the confidence she needed to keep going.

As we talked, it dawned on me that you and I have ministry opportunities with all the authors who have books on the shelves in our libraries. Let's share how we let God speak through us as we communicate with authors who are discipling the people who read their books through libraries.

On top of that, a relatively new member of our church brought me a copy of one of his books. He is an author! He and I had a great conversation. Share with us how you connect with authors in your church or synagogue family.

During our team planning session a couple of weeks ago we included an idea from a young adult who has joined our team: sponsor "author speak" events for our church members who are authors. How do you do that? What do you call it?



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  • I think the "author speak" event sounds like a great idea.  Our church hss numerous authors in its membership; however, in some cases (I'm thinking of one, in particular),not all of their beliefs align with the beliefs of our congregation/leadership.  If you invite one to speak, do you invite all, knowing that?  

    • We are starting this idea. We do have a list of the authors. I know of no issues with any of them about their beliefs. One of the authors is a political figure in our area so there will be political issues with her, but she speaks a lot so I doubt we will have her anytime soon. The reason we are limiting the authors to be members of our church is a strong discussion during our planning meeting that having other authors speak would cost a lot of money. We are in Nashville so we have some famous authors nearby. One approach to that might be to invite other churches to participate with us.

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