Summer Reading Awards

This year for our summer reading program, we had a bingo-type card with different types of books for people to choose from.   Each person who completed the card was awarded prizes and a new book was put in the library in their honor.  This photo shows some of the honorary books on display.

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  • I love that idea with the Bingo cards. What kind of categories did you have to fill it?
    • For Preschool we had: book about a season, book about an animal, book with a girl character, book with a boy character, fiction, non-fiction, preschool DVD, book with flowers, book with trucks, Bible story, book about an adventure, book by an author whose name starts with the same letter as yours, funny book, free choice, draw a picture about a book you've read, read with someone else for 15 minutes, and free choice. Of course, parents read to preschoolers.

      For elementary and middle schoolers we added: biography, book set in another country, mystery, book about your favorite subject, and missionary story. We also put signs in different parts of the library to show them where they could choose from a category.

      On the back of the bingo cards, they listed titles and authors and number of pages. For those reading chapter books, a point was awarded for every 50 pages. Those points could be cashed in for prizes at the end of the program. We also had sticker charts posted in the library so they could see how many points they were earning through the summer.
      Our prizes were mostly classic toys gotten from yard sales throughout the year and some donations. Hope this helps.
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