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Patricia Bradley books

I am hooked on Patricia Bradley books! I just finished the 3rd book in the Logan Point series and can't wait to get the last one! Paperback Shadows of the Past : A Novel Book This is the first book in this series. Check her out, she's a Mississippi author too!!

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The Uncharted Series



I just finished reading Keeley Brooke Keith's  "Uncharted Beginnnings" and "Uncharted" series. These are all available in large print whic is a plus for us since we have many readers who need large print. The books are about people who left the US i

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The Space Trilogy, CS Lewis

This is science fiction by CS Lewis. I'm enjoying it right now because I'm fairly new at running the church library and I've decided I need to get smart on the classics first. (Side bar: has anyone NOT read the Narnia books?)

I'm currently on Prelandr

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Hi everyone! Long-time reader, first-time poster. ;) 

I thought you might enjoy checking out my new novel, Sweeter. It's an inspirational novel, but a large part of the setting is within a church community, which I hope readers will find fun.


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Night Comes Swiftly by P. B. Wilson

About a year ago we were dealing with our space problem (lack of) and reluctantly began to weed the fiction section.  The rest of the library was fairly easy, but since I LOVEChristian fiction, this became a chore.  Several books were easy, some very

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Shiloh Autumn by Bodie and Brock Thoene

The prayer, below, is so appropriate for what we are going through now, due to this pandemic of COVID19, in particular with trying to comply and obey those who rule over us.

This beautiful prayer is from a book I'm reading called, "Shiloh Autumn," by

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The Culper Ring Series, by Roseanne White

During our covid "stay at home", I read some "new to me" authors.  There were 2 delightful series that I can recommend and will probably buy for our church library.  

The Culper Ring Series and the Conspiracy of Spies Series are outstanding historical

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Ginny Dye series

I am currently reading Ginny Dye's series, historical fiction about Civil War days and what happened after. The series is called "The Bregdan Chronicles."

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The Baxter Family Series

It's funny how we librarians are so busy doing library work that we don't get to read the books we this summer I decided to read the Baxter Family Series in order...and should complete it shortly.

Now I need to get busy and order more of

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In Broken Places by Michèle Phoenix

I recently discovered this author and have loved reading her books.  She was an MK and TCK and many of her experiences of growing up overseas, as well as living there as an adult, are reflected in her writing.  This particular book is about a single

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