A group for the younger librarians (primarily teen and young adult age) and those who want to mentor them.
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  • Hi, I want to invite you to the Central Alabama Library Confernece on Sat. March 7th, for full info see events tab on this page. Morlee Maynard will be sharing about moving a library from the traditional concept to that of disciplemaker. 

  • I am not quite ready for assisted living, but am having to consider retiring before long as church librarian--more than 25 years under my belt, plus 5 years in a university library system!  I am interested in what has interested younger people into becoming church librarians, so I can use your ideas to attract younger ones onto my library staff.  The ones my age would like to help, but have my problem with encroaching age.  I am so glad you are getting involved with your libraries--may your numbers increase!  Would be glad to share with any of you.

  • I'm 29, and have been running my church's library for 7-8 years; it started when I was asked to put "a few new books" into the computer system, and snowballed from there until suddenly I was in charge. My family had recently come to the church, and I think the older lady who had been doing all the work had moved to assisted living shortly before that. I have always loved reading, and anything to do with books, so it's been a joy for me; but I feel that I could have done with a lot more information and advice especially in those early years!! I've got a fairly generous budget, a terrific group of pastors who are willing to review books and offer suggestions if asked and are just grateful for what I do the rest of the time, and I feel a great sense of responsibility for making sure things are done well. I'm excited about this site and the upcoming EQUIP program, hoping to learn a lot!

  • I'm 24 years old, just graduated from Huntingdon College, Montgomery, Al with a liberal arts degree in Religion. I'm going on to pursue a MLIS degree to further the church ministry work within the methodist church. I'm looking forward to establishing contacts not only within methodism but beyond (especially for book trading- every book has an appropriate place, I hate to have to throw out books because they don't line up with my congregation's perspective, i'd much rather find them a good home in another church library).
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welcome young people to the ministry

I'm not really young myself ( just think I am) but I am so glad to see young people getting involved in the library ministry now. Without some young blood the libraries in many churches would die. If there is ever anything that I could help you with please let me know. I do have a few young people working on my library team. they will be the future. Librarian? Check out other web sites:www.lifeway.com/churchlibrarywww.churchlibrarians.NING.comwww.shoalcreekchurch.orgEzra 6 1 Then Darius the…

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