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2014 is here! What will we do?

A New Year for all church librarians.  We face many changes and new opportunities to expand our services.  I would like for us to share some of the new things we will be doing this year.  We will be offering training for helping us work together as a group to solve and expand our influence within the media activities of our churches.   Watch this page for dates and times and plan to attend.  We are only going to grow as we understand our challenges.  Looking forward to hearing from you.



Rita Kirkland

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  • I do so hope that many of you will want to receive more training this year.  More news to follow aobut our conferences in October.

  • We always had fun reading clubs and I believe the one that we had the most fun with was a safari, we had a big "desert" sand table with all sorts of things like watering holes, etc.  We had those animals from toys R us  and all sorts of ways to advance and then we had incentives.  Just an idea. mbl


  • I have just taken over our church library.  I plan to automate it with the software book collection series.  I got the opticon scanner which should make it easy by scanning the books bar code.  It wwill save me a bunch of time.  I can also print my own scanning labels, but I will have to purchase that from another company. I get it on Friday and will let you all know how it works out.

    What ideas do you all have for a Summer Reading program? I am all ears.

  • We are called the Common Grounds Library.  We are beside the Common Grounds Bookstore and the Common Grounds Coffee Bar.
  • Does anyone call their library by any name other than library?
  • We are looking forward to your being with us.  This will be a great time of fun.  We will have children and parents from all ages thru 6th grade.  We are happy and excited to have you with us.  We do not have an autoharp either.  They got thrown away during all the technology revisions.  So sad.



  • Home again! I am looking forward to being at FBCEuless on the 9th of Aug.  mbl
  • Hello, Texas Church librarians!  I hope several of you were able to go to Ridgecrest, N.C. in March. My workshops in storytelling were all well attended and my monologue of Queen Esther was a demonstration of the art for the beginning session!  Although the monologue is a dramatic presentation rather than storytelling per se`when I do a monologue I wrap the entire thing in a story that the person is telling!  So I kill two birds with one stone!  This past week, I told the Bible story for four periods of four grades on one day and the next day for four more grades!  The second day they had divided the Pre-K into three age levels!  Talk about fun!  I had such a great time and the teachers had a well deserved break! This church did not own an autoharp, so I got on the phone and borrowed one from a larger church!  I explained the situation and said, "I am hoping you have a spare autoharp you can lend me for this week." The Music Secretary said, "We do if you know how to tune it!  None of our teachers can tune it, and it has not been used for some time!"  I said, "No problem!  I have been tuning autoharps for years!"  So I almost regretted saying that, for it took me several hours to get it in tune, however, WoW!  and wow again! That is all the difference--You know I never go anywhere to tell without an autoharp even to adults, for everyone likes music as a part of such a program.  They put a name tag on me of GRANDMAC, and then I talked to them about their grandmas, so one little girl held up her hand and said, "My grandma has gold in her teeth and wrinkles on her face."  I said, "Well , sure enough!  You know something?  I have some gold in my teeth but it's hidden--you can't see the gold but look at these wrinkles! I have lots of wrinkles!"  These were the youngest pre Ks, so this brought laughter, and I strummed the autoharp and said, "This is the song I made up and sang to my own grandchildren, and now you can sing it with me."  So I sang these words, "When grandma comes to my house, she reads a book with me, And then we lay the book aside and have cup of tea"  I just make up a little simple tune.  They love it!  Well, I will be back in Texas after the Fourth.  I work a little bit on my Memoirs every day! 


  • That sounds like a fun theme.  Keep us posted as you progreass with it. 


  • Our VBS theme was changed to Panda-Mania and I am excited because it is much easier to work with for our Summer Reading Club 2011. Found a display of a Panda wearing a medal and holding a book. The head is cut-off so we can take pictures of the kids with their head. We did this last year and it was huge success. Their pictures were put on the powerpoint along with announcements....and they were thrilled to see their pictures there.
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