One of our new members, Deborah Gray, suggested we have a group for those who serve with children's libraries. Or perhaps those who are considering one. Or those who have mobile libraries they take to the children's area on a scheduled basis. Our purpose here is to share our stories, ideas, and discuss concerns.

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  • Our church has a daycare so we have a stand that holds about 20 books or so also at their request put a few adults books on rack and some for the after school kids too

    If they are doing shapes or colors I make sure there are relevant books as well as holidays and seasons

    Also have a 6 shelf display cart (from a store going out of business) in the sanctuary with couple shelves stocked kids books. There again try to keep seasonal and what they are doing in Sunday School as well as fun books   

  • We don't have a specifically separate (physically, that is) Children's Library but we have a Children's Corner in our library, that includes about ten shelves of picture books and five bookcases of children's fiction, as well as children's dvd's.  Our children's area gets a lot of use and that increases dramatically during our summer reading program.  We run this for about 7 weeks during the summer.  We have three programs in place and my plan is to develop a fourth, and we rotate through them so as to give variety.  In each one, our goal is not only to get kids reading, but to get them reading outside their usual rut or comfort zone.  So our programs require them to read a variety of genres.  We give out coupons from local businesses as intermediate prizes, and something more major like a book or gift card for kids who achieve 'the most', whatever that looks like for the particular reading program.  One of the programs includes assignments to write or draw about a book they read, and we plaster the wall outside the library with those pieces of work.  Often our program is for adults as well.  It's a lot of work but people seem to enjoy it and it sure keeps our librarians hopping.

  • Have been brainstorming for promotion ideas for the Children's Library. We did a Summer Reading Challenge with prizes for the Summer. Will publish a list of books to promote Family Reading as the nights get cool and dark here in Seattle. Am compiling list of ideas for Christian books for Christmas gift giving. Am also compiling a list of books for the teachers to support children's Sunday School curriculum. Am finding that going from classroom to classroom of the older kids before class with a basket of books and doing a few book talks is working for engaging some children who are too active to otherwise engage. Would love to know your ideas for promoting your library.

  • I am building a Children's Library at our church. It is at approximately 500 books but I'm having troubles finding more books to add to the collection. My most checked out books this summer are the "My First I Can Read" series on Jesus, the Princess Parables series,  "Building Faith Block by Block (and unofficial Minecraft Guide" and "Prince Warriors" series on the Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer. Would love to have suggestions of books that are popular with your children.  Thank you! What a joy to connect with you.

  • Am looking for ideas on how to promote the Children's Library this school year. During the Summer, I had a Summer Reading Challenge with prizes but am without ideas on fun ideas to promote the library this Fall. I will highlight books for each season and I am going to Sunday School classrooms showing books but would love some other ideas. Thanks ever so.

  • Amy, I am praying for you today! We had our open house and first Sunday last weekend. May God bless all that you and your team does today. I also want ideas! I meet with our ministers of preschool and children this Wednesday to plan our Enrichment Center ministry with preschoolers and children and their parents. We are all very excited about this new ministry!! Be sure to follow up and let us know how your open house goes today!!

  •    I hope I can get some good ideas from this group. After a (very) long hiatus due to renovations at our church, tomorrow I am hosting the grand reopening of our children's library.  Today I spent 6 hours putting up posters, arranging furniture, and preparing for giving a "How to Use the Library" presentation, Wish me luck!!

  • Excited about this group.  Always looking for creative ideas in our Children's Library.

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