Board Books

A simple, but two-fold question: How do you handle board books? 

1. Do you process your board books for loaning? Right now, I just am gathering a little basket of board books for "Taking" with option of returning. I don't enter or list board books as part of the whole collection. I think of it as gifting the books to others. My thought in addition is that these books would be accessible for gatherings to entertain little ones. 

2. COVID concerns: I saw on the other thread the question of how to handle board books due to COVID. This thought has also crossed my mind. Right now, there is very limited activity (if any) due to no Sunday School these last months at our church. Children will be coming back soon. As of now, I just gave the books a wipe. What is your recommendation? Should I set them aside until another time? Should I give these books frequent wiping?  

Thank you much, Linda

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