Flake’s third reason was “A Need for Reading Guidance.” What are we doing today to meet that need? If you missed the introduction to this discussion, click here.

Flake and Lavender quoted a question that is still true for readers today: "Do you know that if you read this you cannot read that?" None of us have time to read all the books out there! They went on to write that believers should choose books that are worthy of our "precious" time. I'm sure I am not the only one that am regularly asked "what do you suggest?"

Just about everything we do falls into this category of recommendations. Just having the books and DVDs we have on the shelves is guiding people to find recommended books. These fiction and non-fiction books are guiding people in not only reading but also their spiritual growth and discipleship. Our selection policies keep us on track to have books and DVDs that our churches recommend.

How many of you use the promotion venues to recommend books? Last week we sent out our FHBC October email which featured pictures of our top 8 fiction authors that linked to their websites. Next month we will feature our top 8 non-fiction authors. 

What other ways to do you guide people to items in your church's collection?



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