Flake's second reason to have a church library focused on introducing people to books. Did you catch how he worded it? Instead of "books to people" he used "people to books." In his day, people did not have access to books like we do today. He did live during the day when Sunday schools were created to teach children how to read using the Bible as the text. As mentioned in our original article, Flake played a huge role in starting Sunday Schools in churches on Sundays for Bible study based on that concept. 

Are we not in a day when librarians play a huge role in introducing people in our churches and communities to Christian books? People can easily find books, but do they know books for Christians even exist? Does your community have a Christian book store? Does your public library feature Christian books and DVDs for their customers? How about people who are far from God these days? Are they ever in the loop about Christian books and DVDs?

How are you breaking through the walls so that your church's library introduces people to Christian books in your church family and community?



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