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  • God has blessed us with 465 students who have signed up.  In June, we checked out four thousand five hundred books!  By the time the program finishes at the end of July, the participants should have read close to half a million pages in Christian Literature.   Thanks for asking.
  • Lynda, give us an update on your program!
  • Praise God for you all doing this and your enthusiasm.  The students catch your excitement and discover the church library is a fun place to visit.  You will see your numbers grow each year.  And you have the honor and privilege of helping the children further their Christian walks a bit more!  Keep up the great work for HIM!
  • Our 2011 summer reading club is "Dive into Books" and we have the library decorated with fish, seaweed and shells.  Our windows look like aquarium tanks!

    We received donated ice cream certificates from our local Baskin Robbins and Chick-fil-A for prizes when kids/teens reach their goal of reading library books (4 books for oldest teens to 12 books for youngest kids). Each child/teen who reaches their goal (fills up their reading log) gets their name on a tropical fish cut-out (from a teaching supply store, about 1 1/2" wide) and those go up on a water background in our Worship Center lobby for all to see.

    We kicked it off June 11 and the last day for checkouts is August 7th.  This is our fourth summer reading club, and each year we have also had a weekly Raffle Prize - for every library book read, the child/teen fills out a raffle ticket and puts it in our specially decorated raffle jar.  Those prizes are nicer and are also donated by businesses. This year the prizes are water toys and assorted Christian books or music CDs.

    Around 150 kids/teens are participating this year.  It brings a lot of families into the library who don't necessarily use it during the school year, and every body has a lot of fun with it.

    I'll post some photos soon!

  • We are having a summer reading program again this year.  Our kick-off is on Sunday, June 5 and we have a party on Tuesday, August 9 with games, prizes, face painting, crafts and ice cream to finish it.
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