Our First Baptist Library in Cleveland, TN began its summer reading program this past Sunday, May 16. In only three short days, 141 children have signed up and checked out 576 books bringing our circulation total this month to 1,509. Our program will run six weeks.


Praise God for children who LOVE Christian Literature and for parents willing to transport them!

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  • Wow, then you guys are amazing to run a summer program, AND do inventory AND pack up this summer! You must have a great team! That schedule totally makes sense - thanks.
  • Schools do get out here around the middle of May. The ones that are not out at that time are generally on a very light schedule of activities for one more week. Usually we begin our summer reading programs the week before Memorial Day and run it for ten weeks which is the end of July. However, this year our congregation is moving to a brand new building. Our original first day of worship there was to be the middle of August. Our library staff had planned to give ourselves a month to weed and inventory, then close for two weeks and make the move. So we shortened the program to six weeks. Since then our move-in date has been "pushed back" to the middle of September.
  • Lynda, are schools there breaking for the summer at that time? I am curious about the reasoning of starting mid-May and ending before July 4th - could you share with us? thanks.
  • What a great testimony to your devotion to our young ones! This proves to anyone that dedication, preparation, inspiration mixed with perspiration will certainly bring great results! Now the question is--just what fabulous book will strike the imagination of what particular and wonderful child and produce the next C.S. Lewis? We just never know! That is what keeps the librarian's cup up to the brim if not running over! I love the story of the teacher who was caught by the headmaster bowing low before his students. The headmaster asked him privately, "It seems to me strange that you should bow low before your students! Why do you do that?" The answer was, "I never know who they are destined to become!" C.S. Lewis credits the MacDonald stories with inspiring his own dream world and mental imagery. I thank God for librarians who reach out to our youngsters and offer them bread instead of the serpent's egg.
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