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I ran across a book yesterday that was 118 years old!  "The Inspiration and Accuracy of the Holy Scriptures" by John Urquhart. There is a stamp in it with the name S. A. Duggan and address from Leyton, (London, England) He also signed and dated it "1/5/95" (May 1st, 1895) That was 1 month after John Urquhart wrote the preface.

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  • Hi Kevin,  

    The book you refer to is on the Internet Archive two times.

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    Internet Archive Search: (John Urquhart) AND title:(The Inspiration and Accuracy of the Holy Script…
  • Now this is a splendid example of the type book we sometimes stumble upon in the "gifts" when someone cleans out the attic and takes all the books to the church library.  Although many times the search is fruitless, there are occasions such as this very old book when you need to have a "case" like the public libraries have for rare books.   Fortunately for me, my husband was a cabinet maker and he made me a beautiful solid oak with plate glass doors and an inset lock.  Then you enter the location "CASE" when you classify it.  He charged only his cost, and that made it affordable.  Nearly all churches have men who are cabinet makers as a hobby and will do that for the library!  Otherwise the cost would be several hundred dollars, but even so, a necessity and I would call it a wonderful memorial gift and could be fixed with a brass plate to show in whose memory it was placed.  I am all for the "CASE" and thank you for sharing this find with us to encourage others to go through all the gift boxes as though you were on a treasure hunt, for there is definitely gold there sometimes.  Maxine J. Bersch-Lovern

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