We have grown in our library ministry from 8 women to 12 this year! We now have 4 teams of two library assistants each to run our library on Sunday mornings, (one team for each week of the month) plus a team of 2 for the 5th Sunday every third month. That leaves me (librarian) free to sub if needed, and we have a new gal who is inputing books in our automation system during the week. One of my "5th Sunday team" gals is now also doing my late book reminder calls or emails. Many hands, light work, much less burn-out!  We are not having a Christmas party, but we are getting together to have a "Work Day" January 3, since several of our staff work for schools and have that week off. We always have such a good time of fellowship and laughter during our work days it's more like a party than work!

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