Hello.  I'm a member of St. John's Episcoapal Church, Charleston, WV; we have a 'library' consisting of some rather dusty, musty books which hardly anyone ever reads.  Our new pastor wants to change this.    Because I have an MLS, I've been asked to be point man on the project, but I've never actually designed a library from the ground up.  HELP!

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  • You are already doing what you should- getting rid of the oldie moldies.   Over to the right hand column on this is a video on starting a library from scratch.   You will have to decide to catalog/classify or not to, cards/pockets or computer.  I for one would skip the cards/pocket.   There are references/q and a's on the different computer programs- some are much more simple to use, and could even benefit your pastor and his library.  Concourse from Book Systems/Atrium is the biggie, but there are others that are supposed to be cheaper to use.  Take a look down at the articles at the bottom of the start/home page, and you will find many helps.   Since you already have an MLS, you are way ahead of where I was without one.   One thing to remember when you classify is to put it where your patrons will be able to find it- not necessarily according to OCLC.   Classification for Church librarians is helpful as is the big book on Information for Church libraries.   They are different because usually our 200 section is the largest in the library.   If I'm telling you stuff that you already know, please forgive.  also, don't forget teens- I have several that help on the desk to check out and also to shelve.  

  • I put out a call in the Prish Newsletter for people who would be willing to be on a Library Committee with me. I'm NOT doing it all by myself!

  • I'm in the same boat, Bruce! I'll follow your thread to see what happens. Best of luck on this responsibility/adventure!

  • An excellent idea, but I'm still working, so I can't go gallavanting around to conferences; and even if I could, I can't afford to go myself and there's no money in the church budget to pay to send me.

    One thing we'll have to do is go through the current collection and decide what to keep and what to get rid of.  

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