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  • Beth, I like your idea for a "back room" as I also have many books that aren't approved for our open library shelves, yet are very good books. Thank you for that suggestion!
  • I, too, enjoyed this book very much but I will not be adding it to our church library collection - because of the profanity. However, I have a "back room" shelf where I place books that I feel have merit but don't meet our library standards - i.e., "The Red Tent" or "Uncle Tom's Cabin." If a church member should request one of these books, we will have it, but it is not a part of our inventory. Perhaps I'll add this book to our "back room" shelf.
  • The conversation here is exactly what we hoped for when we started The Circle. We all have different perspectives and input. Keep on with such conversations. For some churches, their culture requires the library selection policy to be more restrictive than other churches. So those in our group in those churches need to know about profanity even if it is one word. Thanks for the give and take here. The differences in our churches is important for all librarians to be aware of in today's world. The Circle gives us a place to stay in touch with these important differences. THANKS!
  • I don't even recall any profanity. It made no impression on me whatsoever and I'm a nun! In any event, people can be profane at times and may just one more way in which this book is true to life. And then of course, if we had had to live through what the people of Guernsey lived through, we ourselves might be tempted to a touch of profanity.
  • A good book, but a little profanity.
  • Plan to read this in the spring and lead a book discussion. My 18 year old daughter read this book and loved it!
  • This book sounds very intriguing!
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