Growing in Faith 2020 Reading Challenge

We do a summer reading program each year, and also usually an adult reading challenge for adults during the winter months.  It's usually 7 weeks or so, with the goal to read as many of the 16 genres we put on a bookmark as possible and we give prizes to those who read the most.


This year we're changing it a bit - it will last all year, and the goal is not so much to read the most (although we think we might give prizes) but to plan for spiritual growth and read books all year to accomplish it.


So every three months we will release a new bookmark with 16 different genres/categories - most of them non-fiction, but we've also sprinkled in fiction here and there (in our newsletter article describing the program, we talk about looking for spiritual growth in fiction).  We also include things like "read a children's biography" or "read a Young Adult non-fiction book".Some are pretty specific: "read a book about Missions".  "Read a book about Prayer".


We haven't officially begun sign-ups yet and I've already had two people respond to the message I put on our church facebook page; people who don't usually participate in our reading challenges.  This is so encouraging! And actually, it's also what we thought might happen - that we'd reach a whole different group of people with this particular program.


When we have our bookmarks printed I'll post a picture of the first one.

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    • This is a reading challenge we are doing at our church. However, if you email me at, I will send you a picture of the third-quarter bookmark.
  • How has this reading challenge been going Debbie? Did you roll out the second and third bookmarks?
    • What with Covid it's hard to know just what people are doing - I suspect many have stopped but I know a few are really enjoying it. We did create and make available bookmarks for the second and third quarters. One person in particular has told me how much she has loved this challenge, which is so encouraging! I'm happy if it just makes a difference in one person's life!
  • unnamed.jpg

    Try this for a picture of the bookmark

  • This is an exciting project. I'd like to try it at our church. Looking forward to seeing that bookmark!

  • Well I have it but when I try to post it here it is enormous.  I'm not computer-literate enough to know what to do about that.  Morlee, can you help?


  • Hello! What does your bookmark look like?

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