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There seems to be more and more books on our shelves by popular prolific authors that produce serials. The latest suggestion by our leaders is to add an extra line to the call number to identify the serial name and number. I've followed this suggestion (mostly.)I've been wondering if it would be helpful to add call number title identification for non-serial books . This would help in shelving to put books for an author in order by title, with serials in order within the title alphabet.Any comments on this?

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  • I just joined the church librarians web site - we use color codes as has been suggested below. works thus far. Betty Young
  • Buford,
    We do Christian fiction different from most churches, but our patrons LOVE it. We use colored dots to distinguish a series by an author. Example: Red dots numbered 1, 2, etc. will be used for an author's first series put in the collection. The next series might be green. When a patron comes in and returns #1, they simply go to the author, see the color and take #2. Labeling the white spine label with part of the series name and number is fine, but the print has to be small. Colors are easily found with large numbers so our people love it.
    Carolyn Walker
  • I have added the 3rd line on the label for many years, creating my own series title if they didn't supply one. I have had to go back and change it, sometimes, when the author decided to name the series! We just file the non-series books on the shelf first and then the series books, alphabetically by series and then by their number in the series.
  • With the addition in recent years of series in Christian fiction, the third line in the call number identifies the number of the series as well as the name. That has been a tremendous help with customers who can easily find what they need next. The addition of the title on the call number for non-series books would mix them up with the series when shelved if you shelve line by line as we should. I prefer to leave the non-series books with title and author. That places all of those before the series written by the same author. That alone says that it is not a book in a series and customers know where to look for those. I do not plan to use the title abbreviation as a part of the call number of non-series fiction.
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