Why Have a Church Library? Flake’s 6th Reason

Let’s continue our discussion starters stemming from the list of reasons found in Arthur Flake and Leona Lavender’s book. Their 6th reason is Church Worker’s Need for Special Books. Let’s start a discussion about all the ways church libraries today assist leaders in all the ministries of our churches.

Note that Flake and Lavender included books to mentally and spiritually prepare leaders to serve as well as the how-to books. They listed the following types of books:" methods; Bible background books; religious and general reference books, studies in psychology and pedagogy, and various other general ans special books in biblical and spiritual fields which will help them toward spiritual growth and better fit them for service." (pages 17-18).

What do you have in your collection for leaders, teachers, deacons, missions, committees, and teams for training, spiritual growth, and service?

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