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  • The Bible League ships donated Christian books to India for distribution.  They are very interested in Bibles and Christian books for kids but other kinds of Christian books as well.  The following is the address if you are interested: Ty Hartman, Nat. Coordinator, Glad Tidings India, 735 Menges Mill Rd., Spring Grove, PA 17362.  Here is his email address:

  • Thanks, Karen, for calling our attention to a most interesting article.  Our library is a collection place for Sunday School literature and books for Hodges Ministry which sends them to other countries for their Christian ministries.  We also send audio and video cassettes because other countries are further behind in technology.  Other Christian books are used to be given to other libraries at church library conferences.  Many other Baptist Conferences do the same thing.  AND there are many  interesting things you can do with old books which are no longer in circulation or have been weeded from your library!

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