I have found several really fine books by bidding on ebay and for an example, I wanted an old, 1920s edition of Children's Lit that my sister used in college. I had my copy rebound and gave it to her daughter for Christmas and I wanted to replace it in my own collection. I found the identical copy in perfect condition and it only cost me 5.00. I have since found others in the children's lit. field that are not available now, and I just now had the winning bid for a copy of Reader's Digest World's Best Short Stories. These are not condensed, it is merely a collection they have compiled and as it was listed, it has short stories from world famous authors. I can't wait to go through the index and see what I want to read first, and I am sure to find a veritable treasure of ones I will want to adapt to oral presentation. It will be fun to review the book for my Storyteller's League at our next meeting. It cost me all of 3.50! Mackie

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  • How beautiful your words of recognition! Yes, I remember the puppet well, and I had it for years, and then I started having grandbabies--late of course! When they began to want to tell stories for their show and tell at school, I showed one of my great storytellers how to use that puppet and tell the story! Thank God their first few grades were in a Christian school! Then I told and shared the puppet at a public school one day when the librarian had promised me to them if they did a good job on their reading during the summer! She promised them that I would not have a time but could tell as long as they wanted to listen! Well, now, I have a terrific repertoire, and as I showed the things in my pockets I held that up and said, "And all of you know THIS story!" The resounding NO! was too much for me! I told it to them, and the librarian did not say a word! I told for 1 hour and 40 minutes before my voice gave out. As the children all came up and hugged me there was one who stood to the side and the big tears were rolling down. I said, "Come over here and sit on my lap." She came running! I said, "Now, do you feel like telling me about why you are crying? is it because Icarus fell in the water?" She shook her head and said, "I did not want the story time to be over!" Made my day, week, month and year! That was a memorable day for me. The librarian said, while we had cookies and punch, "Your story time just gets better every year!" She never mentioned Noah, and I thanked her and just thanked the good Lord too!
  • Maxine, it is so good getting ideas from you! I am looking forward to seeing you at Ridgecrest in March. I remember the first time I met you at Lake Yale, Florida! You liked the Noah's Ark hand puppet I made and I had the priviledge of giving it to the greates storyteller I have ever known...YOU! I now have a wonderful library with a separate room for the children and can have storytime and get to use the skills I learned from you (and your book!) Looking forward to seeing you in March!
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