The Uncharted Series



I just finished reading Keeley Brooke Keith's  "Uncharted Beginnnings" and "Uncharted" series. These are all available in large print whic is a plus for us since we have many readers who need large print. The books are about people who left the US in th 1860s to live one their own and settled on an uncharted and uninhabited island. The books are set in the future (2025 and beyond). The inhabitants have contact with a pilot who lands on their island and begin to learn about life in the later 21st century and the problems around the world that they have been insulated from on their island. Later books have a few more encounters with modern-day people. I have enjoyed these and many of our readers have also. A few have expressed that they are "wierd" but once you understand the context, they make more sense. They are well-written and have a variety of interesting characters. 

I woiuld be interested in more books by Keeley Brooke Keith.


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  • I think this looks fascinating! I am adding it to my "to read" list!


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