Wow, a bunch of us are having a GREAT experience reading Charles Martin’s third book of his Murphy Shepherd series: The Record Keeper. I am assuming I am not the only one having many profound spiritual reading experiences while reading this book. Early in the book I found the following quote made by Shepherd of something his mentor taught him:

"... when a kernal of wheat falls to the grouund, it dies alone. But if it is buried, watered, and fertilized, it puts down roots, spirals toward the sun, blossoms, and produces fruit. And what comes up is never the same as what was buried. It's exponentially more."  (page 13)

As I read that I realized that is exactly what our church library teams need to grasp as we serve Christ as disciple making librarians. Engaging people with discipleship through books, DVDs, and other materials takes time. Just getting people to know we exist is a major part of watering and fertilizing. Let's keep our eyes on Jesus as He puts down the roots and causes them to spiral toward the son. 

I plan to share this quote and reflection with our team when we meet August 10 to plan our new year together.

Those of you reading this book, what are some of your takeaways?




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