The Culper Ring Series, by Roseanne White

During our covid "stay at home", I read some "new to me" authors.  There were 2 delightful series that I can recommend and will probably buy for our church library.  

The Culper Ring Series and the Conspiracy of Spies Series are outstanding historical fiction by Roseanne White.  They have interesting history, romance and suspense.  

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  • And if you are a fan of Downton Abbey, try White's "Ladies of the Manor" series. The first book takes place between a North Africa principality and England while the others are in England, but they involve early racing cars, hidden secrets, and jealous neighbors trying to keep their estates afloat!
    • Ooooh, that sounds great! Thanks!!!
  • Yes, that was incorrect. The Culper Ring Series and the Codebreakers Series are the ones I have read, and there is no series Conspiracy of Spies. I plan to read all of her books! Thanks for the correction.
    • No problem. Thanks!
  • The Cupper Ring Series is the first of Roseanne White's book that I've read, and I'm hooked! The Codebreakers Series is awesome too! The third book just came out, and I'm anxious to get it. I looked for the Conspiracy of Spies Series, but I'm not seeing them. Can you tell me the titles of the books in that series?
  • Roseanne M. White is one of my favorite authors! Her "Shadows Over England" series takes place during WW I, and is shows how family ties can be built of more than blood. Her newest series "The Codebreakers" is fascinating, carrying on with some of the same characters, into WW II. A number of ethical issues are discussed in the way the plot plays out.
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