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  • My book club read this a couple of months ago and we all enjoyed it. Seeing a new teacher, stuck in a class no one else wanted to teach, find a way to bring history alive to her students was inspiring.  Reading about the slaves whose lives were not their own, the pampered children of wealth who had no practical skills, and those trapped between the two cultures (unwanted by either one--sort of like the Samaritans?) was eye-opening.

  • I just started a new series The True Lies of Rembrant Stone by David James Warren he is a police inspecter who can go back in time and close cold cases only of course changing the past changes the future so when he comes back... The author is really 3 authors  David Warren and his mother Susan May Warren  and James L. Rubart. It is a change of pace and I am enjoying it but am not sure if I will put them in the church library ot not as there are references to drinking will just have to see how turns out


  • I highly recommend "Christ in the Coronavious" by John Piper. It is a booklet rather than a book. It is timely; easy/fast to read; puts the craziness of this pandemic in God's perspective. We got our copies from Christian Book Distributer's.
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