Night Comes Swiftly by P. B. Wilson

About a year ago we were dealing with our space problem (lack of) and reluctantly began to weed the fiction section.  The rest of the library was fairly easy, but since I LOVEChristian fiction, this became a chore.  Several books were easy, some very hard, some I had questions about what to do.  This book was one of the ones I chose to take home and read.  I AM SO GLAD I DID.  A carefree childhood is shattered forever when Meredith overhears her father's plans to sell Tilly, their slave and her friend.  She defies her father and the Southern way of life when she helps Tilly and her mother set out on their perilous road to freedom.  I really think every white person and every African American person should read this book.  It brought me to tears.  I realized it hadn't been circulated for many years, and started putting it in people's hands.  Their responses were like mine.  I mailed it to my niece and she said she read it entirely one Sunday afternoon.  There is a response at Amazon that said she read it two times and would read it again.  Another said it was one of the best Christian fiction ever.  One said it was heartwarming and could not put it down, a true page turner.  It is not a new book but is still available on Amazon.  Many times the best promotion is a satisfied customer putting the book or movie in the hands of another and telling them they cannot pass up this wonderful read/movie, etc.

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  • I LOVED this book! Bought it for my library. Thank you so much for recommending it!

  • Thank you for the recommendation! It sounds like a great read. 

  • Thriftbooks also has this book.

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