A Church Library Currently in Transition

Back in January (2019) our pastor and staff started the process of assessing all the ministries of our church as to how each on aligns to the mission, vision, core values, and discipleship process of our church. They determined that our library ministry needed to move in the same direction our church family is going.

 On March 27th, I officially became the library team leader with no team members. The first task was moving the collection to a new room being created by a building program. With the services of my Sunday School class, we prepared the collection for the move and made the move in four weeks. All of us have jobs and have daily commitments so most of our work was done on Wednesday evenings. The actual move itself had to be done in a few days so many of us readjusted our schedules in order to make it happen by the deadline. To God be the glory!

 Our next step was unloading the borrowed carts which made the logistics possible. That took three Wednesday evenings. Members of my Sunday School class plus a couple of others have continued to set up the space. Currently we are doing an inventory to confirm what items are on the shelves. We hope to finish the inventory during the next two Wednesday evenings.

 Layered on top of these actions, we are also working out a new direction for this library ministry. We are dramatically changing the purpose and mission of the collection and the actions of the ministry. Our focus is on making disciples. As we finalize our concept, I will share our two-page description with you. We are very excited about what God is doing in our midst! Hopefully, we will have our grand opening on August 11 when our new building opens.


Morlee Maynard




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  • On paper, we have 7000+ items. I am guessing we have half of that on the shelves. We are doing an inventory right now to discover what has been lost.

    We are in the process of aligning our collection and services to the mission, vision, core values and the disciple making process of our church family.  Our description follows: 

    a multipurpose ministry that helps Jesus’ disciples

    walk a pathway of lifelong discipleship by building bridges to

    our communities and the world

    as we invite people to Jesus, invest in spiritual growth, and increase His Kingdom.


    In the next day or two, I will attach our two-page plan. Changes include new name, new location, more than just a room of books, new team, new purposes and actions.


  • Very interesting! How many items in your collection? In what ways has your library changed to fall in line with the vision of discipleship?

  • Now it is your turn to start your story. What is happening in and through your church library? Click on the tab under The Circle: Our Journeys. You will find directions on how to tell your story and keep adding to your story. 

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