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  • An update for our PC Card Catalog and CONCEPT I users ... we now have CONCEPT III up and running (actually for two years now!) 

    CONCEPT III is our web-based library system ... that means access to your library software anywhere, any time, any device, (PC, MAC, iOS, Android, tablet, smartphone...) and it's inherently multi-user. It works just like (or almost just like) PC Card Catalog, but with many new capablities. 

    You can check it out by linking to Library Concepts or by clicking on the Library Concepts ad on right side column of this page  

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  • A few weeks ago, Jenn Burwell asked a question about Classifying One Book with Two Distinct Subjects. Sandra Fitts replied with the suggestion of using a 'bound-with' entry. Sandra's approach is probably the right answer for Jenn's situation, but one other solution might be also considered. It's called "Title Analytics."

    You would use a "Title Analytic" when you have two or more titles within a volume that has (usually) a different Main Title.

    The perfect example is a music CD. The CD has a Main Title but has unique titles for each song. The CD's Main Title would be the one you would process. Then you add each song title as Title Analytic. (In PC Card Catalog use "Item Entry screen >> Added Entry button >> 'Title Analytic' tab.") The Song Titles will all show up the Search Catalog but will refer the user back to the CD's Main Title, the one you can actually find on the shelves.

    While entering every song from every CD is a HUGELY daunting task, it has proved worth the effort in our library. Why? Because no one EVER asks for a CD by its Main Title! They ALWAYS ask for a Song Title! Without the Song Titles in the Catalog, users might never find what they are actually looking for.

    So, when do you use a Bound-with and when do you use a Title Analytic? (With all the Series collections now appearing in a single volume, the bound-with/title analytic question, we really need a definitive answer from smarter people than me.) But here is my approach ... Use the 'Bound-with' option when one of the internal titles match the Main Title. Use a Title Analytic when none of the internal titles match the Main Title. Exception: CD with a "Title" song.

    Hope that is useful. BTW, we had one astounding volunteer go back and enter all the Song Titles for every CD. We did "rise up and call her 'blessed.'" 


  • Am loving my 3.5 version of PCCC!  Thanks again, Glenn!

  • Those of you who are using OurLibraryOnline web catalog (our really, really low cost web catalog!) will find new search features and page appearance options are available. You can set them on your "admin" page. 

  • We made a reference to the URL field in the "eBooks and online catalogs" Q&A discussion.

    In PC Card Catalog the URL field has been an undocumented feature ... hidden within the NOTES field. With the recent release of v3.5 (and CONCEPT I v1.10) the URL field is managed as a new field on the New and Alter Items screens. We used this field in OurLibraryOnline to jump to the eBook page examples.

    Just thought you would want to know.

  • We just released "PC Card Catalog" v3.50. New features include:

         1) Custom Reorts: design and format your own lists

         2) "Snapshot" Shelf lists

         ..other goodies. We will have the UPDATE ready by the end of the week.

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